Can I upload custom sounds and fonts?

Hello fellow humans. I have been looking for an easy to use game engine to make a text-based game. I would like there to be some ‘choose your own adventure’ aspects to the game. I need to know if it’s possible to make it here.

I would need to be able to either upload an image of text or be able to easily type inside the app. I need to know if I can upload images. I am sure I can easily make a scrolling action if my paragraphs get very long. If I cannot upload pictures then I must at least be able to change the font and the color of certain words.

I am also thinking of uploading some narration that the player will be able to pause at will. I do not think this engine will allow the player to go through each second of audio and be able to pan through and start at any point in it. For this reason, I will probably have to but the audio in paragraphs and have a little play and stop button on each paragraph to play the audio. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hello, I am meburningslime. a long-time user and donatorof flowlab.
The game engine is best applied for games with graphics, rather than text-based. However, a TBRPG is still possible, but I personally would go with something like Undertale, The Legends of Zelda and the like if you want to make a choose you own adventure game. The final thing I would like to say is that you can only create imported objects if you are subscribed. The prices for subscription though are amazin, almost too good to be true! Only five dollars a month for something that can potentially make you millions.
I hope I have influenced your choice. This community is a great one and I would love to see you join. Good luck!

Thank you Meburningslime! I have absolutely no problem subscribing to this if I believe it will be the best fit for me. I simply need an engine that’s easy to use so that I can make my game. It does not matter if the engine was intended for it as long as it can be done. I feel like this engine could be the engine for my needs I just have to make sure it can handle what I want it to. I should say, I also want to make mini-games that lead to circumstances.

For example; “You hear a gunshot from outside your house”
Do you…

  1. Get your gun and check it out
  2. Tell your family to hide
  3. Try to leave from the back door

If you pick Option 1 you might have to play a shooting mini-game to decide if you are successful
Option 2 might trigger a game where you must gather your family one by one and lead them to the bunker
Option 3 might allow you to play a stealth game.

I have personally never played Undertale so I cannot say that I understand you reference but I will look into it.

Two things:
One, yes this is totally possible! Minigames are the best way to go.
Two, don’t judge the forum now! This has never ever happened in the history of flowlab, but someone is posting nudes and the like right now, he’ll be taken down by the end of the week though, I garuntee it.