Can people play test my game i have made

the link is here
tell me what you think

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It has a nice concept. Is it supposed to be a survival game?

in what way is flowlab too restricted for you?

yes,it is supposed to be survival

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my original goal was something like minecraft but i realized flowlab doesn’t have the right tools i need and
i doubt it runs as smoothly as other game engines

be specific
what tools
what issues

so,text lists are weird so crafting is a lot harder,i would prefer to make it in 3d which is a pain in flowlab and if i did it it would be extremely lagy, saving building is a pain and multiplayer is not a option just because of how weird it is.

i take back the “maybe someone else can take over the project because i actually like the concept now”

saving is the same difficulty as it would be in any other engine
what is missing in text lists?
yeah 3d isn’t an option but making a game in 3d requires 3d modelling and a lot of extra skills

so text list don’t always know how many times there gotten because my text-list based crafter would sometimes spew out 15 items when it was only supposed to do 1

that’s a code issue, not an engine issue


ok yes it is a code engine but i don’t know how to fix it and i don’t think i did anything wrong

you can ask us for help if you need to

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It’s hard to press J and move.
Attack should be a different button.