Can someone please tell me how the game filter works

I do not understand the flowlab pages. At all. There are games with only 46 plays and 1 like, and somehow they’re on the fourth page. We need to make it so that more recognized games can get to the front.


Like Sussus Amogus?

Not really, but other games like algiophobia…


Ones that were actually worked hard on…

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Yeah, I never really understood how games even get to the front page.


From what I remember @grazer stating in one post, games are usually put in the featured category if they:

  • Don’t have game-breaking bugs
  • Gameplay is amazing
  • The creator was clearly dedicated to the project and did not rush it

Sometimes, these games were winners of Flowjams, or are runner-ups/honorable mentions.

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Yeah but I’m talking about the later categories, which is just filled with crap games…

I thought that Rise, Wilder’s Creation, and the Highschool Jacob games were all pretty good. I haven’t played all featured games, but they are there for a reason. Most of them were Flowjam winners/runner-ups, and those are selected by the community (specifically participants of the Flowjam), not Grazer. So some of the games you see up there on the featured list were chosen by us as a community.

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Yeah those games are amazing, I just don’t understand how really bad games get in later on…

Which I think we know how the featured games get up there, but I think he meant something about just the normal list of games in general. Past the featured games are basic games with poor or bot created statistics and non of them are even really good.

At least like on scratch it was usually listing games by actual player ratings and showed most of the best or recent games.
Flowlab’s game pages haven’t changed at all and you are going to be scrolling for hours just to find a decent game that should be in the top ten pages.


Ah, well if that is the case, then he probably shouldn’t have put “featured section” in the title. Because those games that you are talking about are not featured.

I have seen the games page change rapidly, sometimes those changes not following any specific pattern. I have seen AbstractGallery’s Super Mario Bros game on page 9, Ramshacklegamestudios’ D.o.M on page 10 (if my memory isn’t fading on me), and Pixel Sports on page 11. Most of these games are more popular than the ones ahead of them, and I agree that the games page should be changed.

I just checked again: D.o.M is currently on page 9.