can someone please tell me how to make a bomb?


Bomb Sprite: Activator --> Extract X, Extract Y, X goes into X in spawn to explosion sprite, Y goes into Y and Spawn, and then destroy. The sprites you want to react to will simply either have Collision or proximity, dedicated to the explosion sprite, and they will react accordingly to how you input.

thanks! although i need a example to see behaviors.

Alright, I kept it vague because it can be varied through your needs. I’ll have one later


You could make it emit an exlposion block, and that block always grows in size until it hits the wanted radius then self destructs. BAsically it emits an explosion that then grows and disappears.

cool! thx! :joy:

No problem. If you need an example feel free to ask, but I think you can handle it. :slight_smile:

:trollface: troll face guy says ok! so do I… (GTFO YOU TROLL FACE!!!)