Can someone review my game

Flowlab Game Creator - THRALL still much work to do

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This game is really awesome, great graphics and animations. Here are my notes after five minutes of playing:

  1. I really enjoy a good menu screen, and the fog is a cool effect.
  2. I found two misspellings… “accurately” is misspelled on the controls page, and “inventory” is misspelled in an in-game tip.
  3. I like the load screen you create, looks polished.
  4. You should make the font in the intro story more pixelated to match the rest of the game.
  5. I really liked the multiple animations that are randomly chosen (wolf deaths, player sword)

Overall, this a great game. Good job!

P.S. have you checked out my game?


havnt been on the forums in a while , thanks for the feedback those small details really matter. i mostly work on my game in the dark with low visibility lol probs part of my spelling errors… good eye

ill try and pick a better font for the story, i used a poetry app on my phone and just put it in there but you have a good point there.

almost everything in the game has randomness to it, the damage animations, the attacks from enemies, music , trees and some artwork such as bricks and bird colors.

ive been updating the game still so keep checking in, im adding more to the story and adding effects like swords glistening and player blinking. also refining some new enemy damage animations and updating AI making enemies more challenging

i did check out your gme i actualy stumnbled upon it while ago ill give you some feedback in a bit,

thank you