can someone try my game and tell me what i need to fix. this is my first game


@meburningslime the game is good nice job

@tertre thanks!

@meburningslime how can i make it so the enemy have to hit me more than once to kill me

@tertre I have been waiting for this question lol!
Here’s an example:


@meburningslime thx

@tertre np

@meburningslime do you know how to make a cutscene

@tertre like in my game for the intro? Just have a level that is made for one cutscene in specific and it uses velocities and the like to make the cutscene, along with timers to choose when stuff moves.

Another way to do it is to have a large animation. I have a more complex version in Notes and Waves.

thank you

@meburningslime how could i make my health bar look a bit more advance

@tertre you will need to attach an object called health bar and have that use animations. Also, make sure to use message block component with that!

@meburningslime i am making a new game but i need help with the attack .

@tertre I will help in a bit, I’m on a phone right now.
What specifically do you need help with for combat?

Heyo @tertre

If you want to see a good example of a cutscene, here is my game which starts off with one:

One way you can make a cutscene as @meburningslime mentioned is by making an animation. You can do this by having a sprite cover the whole screen when it’s time for a cutscene to begin, and start the animation (which is the cutscene).

However, I’m not sure if this is still an issue, but Flowlab has a set number of animation frames you can draw in before the frames themselves (when you go to select them) go offscreen.

As shown here:

To combat this you can have several animations, and when one is done the next begins.

Also, you can check out my game and ask me how I did certain things if you want to learn. You’re also completely free to dig in the code and maybe learn something new.

I hoped this help.

@0294910 thx