Can’t edit sprite

I don’t know if it’s just me, but for some reason whenever I click on “edit sprite” it seems to refresh my page. I can do everything else apart from that.

Now that’s strange. What sort of system are you using (mac/pc/chromebook)? And what browser (Firefox/Chrome/etc)?

Also, do you mind posting a ling to your game, or is it every game?

I was also having similar issues on my iPad (with keyboard). Sometimes when I go to edit a sprite, preferably a copied and pasted sprite or really large sprite, it will kick me back into the game editor, but the screen freezes, so I’m forced to restart the page. Which might have to do with the browser crashing cause usually after it happens all of the other pages I have open need to be restarted, so is there some sort of way to stop it from crashing.
I mostly use safari, but I think it also happened on google chrome, so I think it mainly happens on the iPad.

It never happens to me when I use my Mac Book so its just on the iPad.

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Oh, yeah - if you are using Safari on iOS and it is running low on memory it will auto-refresh the page. Still, a link to the game (and which sprite(s) are causing the issue) might help.


Well, I can’t really send a link, cause it happened on so many different games and so many objects that its hard to remember which one it happens to.
Usually it only happens once and once I reload the page it usually stops, but there have been a few times where every time I opened the editor it happened before I did anything. Like I said it doesn’t refresh the page, i think the website or browser crashes and I’m forced to refresh the page.
Which it could be a memory issue, but I’m not entirely sure. I’ll take some screenshots and let you know if a specific object in a game does it.

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thank you! i’m also using my ipad because i don’t have a pc, and i’m using flowlab for a school project. i might just try again later, or go to a computer place so i can edit sprites. thanks again!

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@grazer i noticed any sprite i try to edit just freezes my screen and refreshes the page.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it, but yesterday I was changing a default sprite, and eventually, I decided to put it back to normal and every time I refreshed it didn’t save. Then later I was programming a different game and it wasn’t really working so I kept refreshing and again every time I refreshed it didn’t save the behaviors, maybe it was my connection, I was running a couple of different softwares. Thankfully it’s all working fine now but I just thought I’d mention it.