Can this kind of camera be done in Flowlab?

So I found a cool game on and I was wondering if its particularly smooth camera could be recreated in Flowlab. Is it possible?

? I’m not seeing whats so special about the camera?

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It moves so smoothly

Smooth camera example?? Also the character is moving slowly which just makes it smooth because it’s not any sudden movements


Alpaca is right, the camera is just locked on the player.
The player’s movement is just slowing down and speeding up.


What about the camera in the Megazord battle?

It’s still following the player like before… there’s just a left boundary that you didn’t notice before in the first level where the camera has a left and right bound to stop the camera from moving left and right.

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hmmm, how does this work?


Just like if player is < 160, make the camera position 160 only.
If the player > (end of level value) like 600, make the camera position 600 only.
It’s the same as setting the auto camera X boundaries in the camera behavior.

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Oh ok. Thanks for showing me this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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