Can we give background objects behaviors?

Not things like emitter, spawn, raycast, attacher, game flow behaviors, etcetera, but still things like properties and triggers. It would also let us simulate mode 7 graphics from the SNES

Hey @MrMcMemerMan - I’m curious what you have in mind. How are you thinking that we could make a mode7 effect using background objects? Would it work using game layer objects instead?

Either way, this has been requested for really a long time, and I have already done a bunch of work to make it possible, so hopefully I can add it pretty soon.


cool beans.
People could make pseudo 3d games like SNES Mario Kart if you did this, and also having backgrounds that do things like making a wall in the background explode or an “character” peek out from behind the wall would be really cool.
Also, sending messages across layers would be cool.

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I Think Sending messages across layers should be an option.

Animations @grazer , animations.