Can We Please Have this Feature - It could save us HOURS of work

So, this has been somthing lingering on the forums for some time now but actually rarely adressed. This os something that needs to happen. Not becuase we can’t already do it, we actually technically can, but it can take literal hours. This is importing gifs and videos.

We actually can do this, as most people may not know, by splitting these into frames and importing the frames in one by one. Can I just say, the amount of times I have had to do this are SO many times, and I have had to inport literally HUNDREDS of frames into an animation and zoom out the screen to 25% just to see all the frames. It is VERY not fun.

There are 2 Ways to tackle the feature, but I feel like both should be applicable anyway as they each have their own perks individually.

  1. Just have the option to inport vidoes and gifs and have it automatically split into gifs, as that would be instant and save SO much time

  2. Have the option to, when choosing to inport an image, be able to select multiple images and then import them all in from the order in which they were selected.

I think both becuase Option. 1 solves this problem all together and option 2 can be helpuful as a back up and for importing other things like animations for characters and objects. I think Option 1 should take priority and Option 2 should be done anyway.

Any thoughts or disagreements on this?


I hear you …
Yes, we really need an easier way of importing animation frames.
As you say, GIF import would propably be the easiest for most.

A big ‘YES PLEASE’ from me.

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I have no better way of wording this

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I’d definitely want this. I’ve already spent a long time just importing frames into animations for the next game, and I’m trying to add as many frames of animation as I can to make the character’s and enemies, and world, feel more alive. But like you said, it takes forever to put it in.

Another feature I’d really appreciate is a scroll bar at the top of the animation page, so we don’t have to zoom out and making the image smaller and harder to find mistakes. I’d be content with just a scroll bar at the top, ngl.

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Importing a gif is not really beneficial, since gifs are poorly compressed. It would be much better to be able to just upload images in bulk, by multiselecting. If you have time to make a gif, you could have just not made one. If you’re just trying to put gifs from Google into your game, well that’s just lazy and illegal

In pixilart, I have made “gifs” that act as cutscenes with over 250 frames,because the only kind of animation you can make in pixilart is gifs. It would be VERY beneficial as even multi-selecting would be an annoyingly long process which is almost no better than what we have to put up with