Can you change the color black?

I have this completely black sprite that I want to change to red on cue but I saw in the behaviors handbook that “because black is 0, it cannot be modified with a multiplier (any value multiplied by 0 will still be 0)”. Does that mean it is impossible to change the color from black to red using the Colors behavior?

I think you are correct to assume that. However, you could use animations to turn the sprite red. You could also make it red at first, then change the color to black when you want it to be black.

Right, I see. Thanks for the clarification!

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I would suggest to use a Red object and input 0 in RGB in the color behavior to make it black, then make RGB all 100 when you want red.

That or make a white object and make it any color you want by using the RGB behavior,
I’ll leave my RGB test here if your trying to find the numbers for the RGB.


Thanks a lot! The test was really helpful.

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