Can you create a one-way door?

Can anybody show me how to make a one-way door if they can?

There are many ways you could do this, such as using the Enable block.
Once --> False
and after you passe
(Trigger) --> True

It would also help to link your game and also describe what kind of door you want to do.

Remember Kubic Kwest? I want to create a dungeon level with doors that shut after you go into a room.

But what do you put the code on? The door or the player?
And also a random spawner that spawns things in random places?

Can anyone make an object that spawns objects in random places?

You want to set your X and Y limits to the minimum and maximum to the random behavior (in pixels).
Do this for your X and Y for the area of Spawn.


And a drag and drop function?

Easy, though I prefer to use 2 Mouse click behaviors.
First one is for clicks anywhere, and the bottom is clicks normally (on that object).


Ok, thanks.

But can you make it limited to only one space?

Divide the X and Y by 32 (one block) and then multiplying that back by 32.
(This works because the expressions cant output decimals)