Can you guys review my game?

PLEASE REVIEW MY GAME I want it on the front page so I need some criticism. its nowhere near done so i want to improve it now

i rly like this game, one problem i had with it was the sonic stage had a bit of lag loading, also a running animation would be good as well, though the title screen was well made, what are your plans for the shop button? not gonna lie, your sprites are good, also your path system kinda inspired me to make one to. so thx

also the level design could use a bit more improving. but its good for not being done

I think that this game could have great potential, but I did notice a few errors. The game seemed a bit laggy, but most of the games are with this dumb computer. I can tell that the game is still in progress because Sonic couldn’t jump, collect coins, or even attack the enemies. Other than that the game seems pretty good. One thing you could do is stick to one type of graphics. The cover seemed a little weird given that the title was highly detailed and Sonic and tails had graphics from an old arcade game. It you stuck with one graphic the game would be more advanced. I think the game is great for it being not completed.

@ManiacPumpkin yeah, the game doesn’t work on some computers. I need to fix that. Thanks for letting me know

also if you need help understanding makeing sonic phisics i could help if you need an idea check out my game kyle and sonic

pumpkin hill sucked