Can you help with my game?

I have an idea for a game but I’m new and have no idea how to use anything. Right now I am trying to figure out how to make it so that I can make my player go though a door.

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You can turn off collisions for the door. (Also I would recommend naming all your objects


Yay it works now! I have no idea if I did what you told me or not but it works. Also do you know how to make a good health bar?

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I would recommend using something like this to make a health bar (an animation), it should be the simplest method for you to do. Also, this example was on the Examples page

I had no idea there was an examples page :open_mouth:

Oh, incase you also didn’t know about it, here is the Behavior Handbook


Thank you I might not have to ask about everything now :sweat_smile:

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