Can you transfer a game

I have a game on another account, But I want it on my paid account. Is there any way to transfer it?

You cant that I know of

Hey @Lexmaier06 - there is no way for you to transfer games, but I can do it for you. Just let me know which game you want moved, and then log into the old account and post in this thread to verify that you own both accounts.

Alright I’ll send the game on the other account

there’s the game-

How will you transfer it?

Hey @Lexmaier06 - First I have to go down to the datacenter and open up the server. Then using a pair of tiny tweezers I’ll carefully select each bit and rest it on a down pillow. I’ll slowly walk over to the new location and replace each bit into the new location after dusting it off with a white silk napkin and giving it a brief motivational speech. After this, your entire game will be assembled in the updated location, good as new!

Well, basically that’s how it’s done.

Ok thanks a ton :slight_smile:

OK, all done :slight_smile: