Can't open ray-casts

When I click on ray-cast it doesn’t open. This black box appears in the top left, and I just click off. No way to access the behavior.


I’m assuming reloading the page fixed this. I’ve had a similar problem happen to me before, unsure how to reproduce it

Happens every-time for me, sometimes on refresh I can get one, then the second time it does this. And I can just repeat the process.

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you used bundles into background or user interface, of course it wont work

Just to let you know, make sure to check the dates on discussion posts or make sure you are viewing the discussions on latest; this discussion was from over a year ago.

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It sounds like a glitch with the ray-cast feature. Try restarting the application or checking for updates. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to support for assistance.

(This was an issue from last year . . . I doubt this is still happening for this user)
(Also your comment sounds ai generated?)


(Actually Yeah)
(Why are we talking in parenthesis?)