You should add categories so you can put multiple objects in the same category. For example, instead of having 15 different proximity behaviors for different types of enemies, I could just have one.

We do have that, but it’s called families instead of categories. In the object properties you can select a “Parent”. For example, you can do this:

Create an object type named “Enemy”.

Then create object types like “Slime”, “Zombie”, and “Skeleton”, and set each of them to have a parent of “Enemy”.

Now you can set collisions or proximities to trigger against any “Enemy” object, and it will trigger against any “Slime”, “Zombie”, or “Skeleton” objects.

Does that make sense?

Thats how SB2/3 work


The way SB3 is set up is the enemy object specifically has only what it needs, as all enemies have those exact same behaviors plus their own individual behaviors.

So all enemies are destroyed and spawn in an explosion effect when dead, because thats whats in the parent objects behaviors.

Fairly easy once you get the hang of it