Celeste Jump Engine DEMO ::Try it out!::

I have spent about a total of 12 hours working on a Celeste engine in flowlab. It’s not perfect, not yet, not for a long time, but for what I’ve accomplished in flowlab, I’m quite satisfied. If you are familiar with Celeste, great! If not, welcome to super hard land. Watch some real game footage to get an idea of how close I mimic the feel of the game. I have to make all my own custom sprites, because there are no sites that have sprite sheets yet. It’s not meant to look pretty, it’s supposed to work right and feel fun.

Here’s a speedrun of me finishing the level so far in under 50 sec with all 6 strawberries.

Play the game here and give me feedback:
(Especially if you can beat it)


@grazer What do you think? You’ve seen me build games for 6 years now. Best one so far? I know I put the most time into the physics and controls in this one.

@rcreger @“Johnny boy” @soethan1 @“my_name (<_>)” @SnakeInMyHoot
There are some really unique and cool new mechanics since the last update. If you understand enough how flowlab works, pick apart objects you find interesting and see how they work. Some of the easier ones to learn are crumble blocks and the follow me mechanic.

Yep, I’m definitely taking a look! This will be a great example for many FlowLab users @“Mhx Ar” !

I’ll try it out sometime soon.

Just tried it it’s really good and hard!

I really like the dash mechanic and the effects.

Oh and we need 16x16px objects

We really do. I already mentioned that to grazer, and he has thought about it before. The original Flowlab beta had a slider to change the grid size, but if you made the grid bigger, smaller blocks would snap to the bigger grid and break level layouts. I suggested that once you choose a grid size, you can’t change it, or put a warning. @grazer

Most games I make need 16x16px blocks. It’s really annoying making half blocks and quarter blocks for each corner. Once 16x16 grid is back, it will be really easy to make great looking games.

Hey @“Mhx Ar” - awesome job on the platform mechanics. The controls feel really tight, which is probably one of the most important aspects of a platformer. It’s so nice that I kind of felt myself wishing you would change the sprites and make it into a full game :slight_smile: I understand the reasoning behind cloning an existing game to understand better it though. Also, I haven’t even come close to finishing it yet - it’s super hard!

Regarding the 16px sprites: I made the Trello card https://trello.com/c/gquIGuoR/110-grid-resize to track this request and discussion from the previous thread. It’s going to be a big job since the grid size touches a lot of stuff. Also, I think I may need to add a “disable snap to grid” button in the settings first (https://trello.com/c/4ImQq92K/111-disable-snap-to-grid) to make it work.

@grazer Sounds good. I know you have a lot of other requests and bugs on your plate, so no huge rush. Another bug you should look into is why the Games tab on the site crashes when you hit “Last >>” or go past page 100. I know there are more games than that on a 7 year old site.

As for changing the sprites and making a game, I plan on doing something similar.

For the last 6 years, I’ve made tests, concepts, and really awkward controlling games and bad physics. However, these last 2 years were spent analyzing well made platformers, and trying to build those mechanics from scratch. I’m slowly taking everything I’ve learned over the last 6 years and planning something big.

Maybe you remember how bad Diamondsion Assault controlled in 2013 before it was broken even more by updates, or how bad Shifter HD and Shifter Run test controlled before updates broke those as well. I understood flowlab, but I didn’t understand how to make good physics and tight controls.

Now I’m actually getting really good at making strong controls and have plans for intelligent AI. I just hope that HTML5 is the nail on the coffin for flowlab engine bugs, because it’s honestly been the #1 reason I never dedicated all my efforts into a finished project, the fear of it falling apart one day.

You remember my shaders example, right? I’ve been working on my art and music making abilities as well, waiting for HTML5 for a year.

If flowlab stays strong, I will have a very impressive Shifter demo this summer, that demonstrates how any user with enough determination can push flowlab to its limits.

@PixelPizza has also shown me some behind the scenes mind blowing stuff for his game as well. You’ll have 2 games that powerfully represent what flowlab can really do. We want your hard work to pay off. Our games will do our best to bring in more users.

About the “powerfully represent flowlab”… Yeah, boi. I’m trying my best! It’s going to be such a good journey! hyped