Challenge for a new boss attack

The least deaths within a week gets to add a attack Idea that I will add into the game
Please comment the true number of deaths you got.
Within Sept 19 - Sept 25

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4 Deaths. Almost beat it first try but missed the following thing, and then the 2nd death the thing fell down really fast

7, nearly beat it a few times but the square is too unpredictable. Nice game. Wait, is it inspired by the game, only one boss (or something like that?)

Yes it is somewhat inspired by Just One Boss - Play it Online at Coolmath Games

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1 death lol

I have


@John_Shrekinson @nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time You both auto win because you have 1 death. Now just discribe the attack you want me to add.

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actually i am tied with nhgcr, let him choose an attack too if he wants. The attack I want is a fat red cartoon bunny that comes from the boss and hits you for a big damage and then explodes with an animation behavior

Please read the name

I read the name and played the game. You offered me victory after I earned it very early. My score was tied with another user, @nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time, whom you have yet to consider it seems. If you choose to end this contest now, both me and nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time should win, unless you want us to play again and break the tie.

The attack I want, again, is a fat red bunny summoned by the boss. The boss throws the big bunny at you, and then it explodes and disappears.

I can adapt the attack to be fair. Wait 5 minutes for me to add the attack.