Change grid size

Changing the grid size would be very useful for me. Because it’s always 32x32.
I want to make a game with small sprites.

This used to be an option in very early versions of Flowlab, but it became a problem when resizing the grid after making and adding objects, since existing objects would no longer align properly in the new grid.

It is probably possible to make this work again by restricting the grid sizes to evenly divisible values, but surprisingly few people have requested it.

hit box creation would be more helpful because it can do this, but that could be an easier step than that.

@grazer Is this in your list?

@Latif3 you can make the size bigger, i dont think you can make it smaller than 32x32 tho

@henf25 Dude this is a feature request

@Latif3 oh sorry


Will you add this again grazer :frowning:

The solution is to select the grid size when you create a game (in the pop up where you have to choose new game or tutorial).

I’d like this,

A 2016 bump? This may become obsolete if grazer can make a zoom camera. Your sprites might not look as good, but then you can have the game zoom in or out when needed, like cutscenes.

@grazer It’s 2018 now, will this ever be implemented :frowning:

The grid is 32bit in real pixels. If you look at your phone or computer, everything is crisp in game. Any change in grid size would cause blur, unless you want a 16bit grid, and 16bit graphics like the SNES, which if you can pull off the graphics, you can make really nice games, like Super Metroid or Super Mario World. 32bit is a little large for those kinds of games, because 32bit is what Sonic games used, and Sonic sprites were pretty large and zoomed in, which looked awful on a gameboy sized screen, but on modern phones and computers, it fits nicely. If you just want zoom camera, it will pixelate or blur, but the grid is in real pixels and has no reason to change, except maybe to accommodate 16bit or 8bit games, which could always be just multiplied to scale anyway, and the screen remains the same size.

@grazer I want to make a game with 16x16 sprites since 2016.