Change items sprites midgame

There is any kind of behavior for change one item sprite into another without using animations?
for example: if i want to make my player “equip” a shotgun after he gets it, there is anyway to change that initial shotgunless sprite without using an animation changer? Maybe i have to destroy the player object and create another with the new sprite/animations? All the foundaments of the game are there, i just miss the shotgun animation part and all the base mechs are in place.

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There is no purpose in deleting the object and replacing it with a new one.
Why would you use a different object for the animations when you can just have the animations in the same object?

I think you’re looking for the Attach behavior. With this, you’ll want to Attach an object with the shotgun sprite

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:man_facepalming: i painted the shotgun in all the slides :rofl: and still can’t find a way to change the animation when pressing the buttons with the older one :man_facepalming: