Change my name please

I need help with change mine name


Free users get 1 name change for free. To prevent spam and trolling, you have to have an Indie or maybe Teacher plan to change your name infinitely.


I’m not quite sure that’s 100% though. I feel grazer only allowed free users one free name change at the time was because there was no current feature for name changing until he eventually added it as an indie feature. Since he just added name change as an indie update, I feel he allowed all current free users at the time a free name change to make up for the new feature that flowlab lacked before.

I could be wrong, but I feel that’s probably what he meant by it.


I’ll go ahead and tag @grazer so he can take a gander at this. I’m sure grazers pretty busy and might breeze over this and the tag so I wouldn’t be too surprised if he doesn’t respond. I also wouldn’t spam ping him or pester him about it, because like I said, he’s usually very busy keeping flowlab up to date for all of us.