Changing Display Order

I think a behaviour for changing the display order of an object would be a great add-on to Flowlab. This would especially come in handy for top-down games.

With it, (Using a top-down example with a table) I could have my character stand at the top of an object (table), and it’d get a higher display order, making it seem like the character’s legs are hidden behind the object.

And then, I could have the character stand on the bottom of that same object, and its head would go over, to signify that it is taller than it.

Thoughts on this behaviour idea, @grazer?


isnt that just priority? :>

Yeah but I think browngr means that it could be possible to change display order in game, making smooth top down games and all.


Yep, that’s exactly what I meant (=


I really just wish you could change all the physics of an object, in-game.

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You can change most of them to a certain extent, using the enabled and material behaviours. But display order hasn’t been something we can change yet, which I hope is something that changes soon

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Yup, could be in the “properties” tab in the behavior menu, would be extremely useful.

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