Changing Hitboxes

I have made a larger sprite, to be more menacing and clearly powerful. But since my game is built around one grid space rows, the Sprite doesn’t fit correctly with it, and it takes damage from other lanes. Is there a way to make the hitbox only the bottom half?


Hitboxes are from the default shape of the object.
Try putting the full size of the object in a animation, and only have half the sprite by default.

Like this example, I cut off above the shoulder so the hitbox stops a little in front of the tree.
Flowlab Game Creator - Layer Stacking Example


In my game Halo: Flowlab Evolved, I made it so that you can walk through the trunks of trees but not their leaves. It uses the same animation trick and is really simple.

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Thanks a Ton, I’m not sure why I never thought of this