Changing other peoples games with B00T987

You might think that editing someone else’s game is useless because it will not save but you can actually learn a lot from other people and some people like me might come up with ideas faster by testing them on other games such as bots, movement or random code and this is supposed to be the hub for learning from others because it should be ok to use other games for testing.
here you can use my game called Monster County.

Here is 1 rule that you should follow.

  • Don’t steal other peoples ideas or code we aren’t thieves but you can learn from them.

Also who here who sees this has ever used this and who has not?

  • You have edited other peoples game for fun/to learn.
  • You have never edited someones game but you want to do it now.
  • you have not and will not edit someones game.
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I know you can freely use examples or projects that users specifically say that can be used, as long as you credit them in your game.

Personally, I don’t care if people use my code from any of my projects, but it’s when people steal art is when I have an issue.
Most code can be replicated in various different ways and like you said, you learn from looking at other peoples code, so that’s why I don’t mind it.

Art is different since you can’t really learn art just by looking at it, it typically takes lots of practice and you eventually develop your own style.


Yeah the way I used to make health bars in my 1st year of Flowlab is that I would make it add when you got damaged and if it was full you would die. Then when I was looking at the code for your sprint bundle in The Facility (classic version) I found out you could subtract by adding a negative to a positive number.

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Ya I also used to do that but I have not needed to test it and I cant find a game that looks interesting.

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