Changing sky color

I’m going to type right when you respond

The size behavior used to have a max limit of 400% of the current objects size. At least when I tried going past 400%, the object would disappear.

I used to use that in my old game

wait what if I add only one bbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggg object for the sky?

well it would be great for a sky changer behavier

I have a good way to kinda fix your problems so why not make many animations in one object and use all of them for a less “buggy” effect?(besides I use that in my game)

well I’ll do it tomarrow

That’s what two other people above had suggested.

In a game I had made a while ago, I used separate objects for a day to night system and they weren’t even background objects, they were in the game layer, but had collisions off and had a display order of 1, while everything else was 2 or more.

They weren’t even large objects either, just standard 32 by 32 pixel sprites.

Flowlab Game Creator - Day to Night (Experimental)

The game is kind of old, so I don’t expect the code to be perfectly neat.

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I use my way for almost all blocks or objects in my game called Monster County

help I cant change tools

I would suggest to use a single large background object, as big as the screen.

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make it move with the screen

and the way to do that is by utilizing the camera(just incase you did not know)

If its set to background and you don’t have paralax, you don’t have to make it move with the camera.

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if it’s completely massive like 1000000 size it doesn’t need to move with camera tho

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I just made an object that was slightly larger than the screen and had it follow whatever object had the camera behavior. (My game has a separate object for the camera)

But it was made in the game layer, so you could just set it to a display order of 1 or something.

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Or have a black background object, then a blue one with a display order higher than the black one. Then you can ease out the alpha of the blue one.

That’s what I did in my old abandoned game Fruit Land

Lol why have a behavior for that when you could do it so easily with multiple behaviors?

what? I don’t know what u mean.