Changing sky color

I need help with the level sky color to change from blue to black. like night and day.

You can add a background object that acts like the sky and then add an animation onto it so it changes from one color to another using a timer.

but it will be to glichy

should flowlab add a behavior for changing sky colors

  • yes
  • no
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The main thing that slows a game down is if there’s a ton of objects that have collisions, because the game has to render all of the hit boxes throughout the entirety of the game.

Background objects don’t have collisions at all. And now that you can add behaviors to background objects, they’re perfect for adding day to night transitions.

they should add that so the process is easier.

I guess I’ll try that

I will admit, some sort of feature or behavior to change the level background color during the game would be kind of nice.

But I also find that using a background object can allow for a bit more freedom, since you can use the Colors behavior and animations for a more cleaner process. Plus, you can use animations outside of just solid colors, such as patterns and what not.

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You make a background object and use the RGB behavior to change its colors.
If a behavior was added to change the background color, it would probably use the same inputs.
White is the best color for this, this is the only reason I think it would be better as it’s own behavior, because you won’t be offsetting the set background object color.

Ya I guess thats true but they could also keep your option while adding mine so that you and me have a choice.

it work but its too glitchy for editor and game

What specifically is “glitchy”? You may be doing it wrong if you’re getting a “glitchy” result.

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to much objects

it’s not glitchy lmao

make an object with 1020203 % size that’s white
then change it’s color using the color behaviour

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oh no everyone’s here(the excitement at what people will say is nice)

I deleted it a min ago

Did the max size percentage increase? I thought 400% was the max size?

I don’t think there’s a limit

i just put a large af number in for bgrs

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