Character creator

I’m making a new game that is kinda like portal, I need someone to help me create a fitting character for the game if you are willing.

@F3Art @GrimProductionZ

if you say yes I will message you the link if you need it

the character will need a walk animation and a death animation

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might have time tommorow morning after zoom class

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If you want it to be portal themed, I can make you a turret character! im an expert at turrets!

That would be cool!

But I’m working on two other games at the moment and it will probably be a long time before I complete this game

hm, idk. I might be able to help out with something if ya need it. seems like a simple enough thing to do, how detailed are you thinking this character would be? and portal themed? is that like a general portal vibe or do you want chell?
No promises on my assistance, but I’m saying maybe I could help out?

@Baron_Wasteland this is a project that’ll probably take a long time to make (I’m focusing on DoM rn), but I would love your help!

No I don’t want chell when I mentioned “Portal” I was just trying to make a comparison. This is a completely original game with completely original characters and story I’m just using similar elements that portal uses :wink:

If you would like to make something for me (no pay) I have a VERY important character in DoM that still needs to be made.

@Ramshacklegamestudios Alright then, I guess I can help here and there if you need it. I’m letting you know that as far as availability goes, I will most likely be on and off, but if this is a long project for you, helping with a few sprites should be okay.

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@Baron_Wasteland Remember when you upgraded a sprite for me?
I need this as the same style. I’ll describe him to you the best I can

  1. he is skinny

  2. he wears a lab coat

  3. he looks VERY tired

  4. his left eye is ripped apart

  5. his idle animation has spirit like blue particles floating around him

  6. his lab coat is bloody

  7. his right hand is very burned

  8. walking animation

  9. running animation

  10. attack (with knife that he pulls out of jacket)

@baconcat008 Really. You’re an expert specifically at turrets.


Huh i’ve been awakened!

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I would say yes! Haha. It’s pretty much all he draws.

It is true, I love drawing turrets, I even made a buissness at my school and got abut 35$ from selling turret drawings!
Turret Pixel 2-1.png