Character Ideas (Currently closed, but revived for analysis)

The Facility Entity entry:

Enter any type of entity, creature, or item that you think would go great with a horror game. Whether they can be helpful or harmful, Ill take up on all designs. If you submit a great entry and I dont choose it to be added in the game, its mainly because I have too much going on currently in the game progress or I try to keep the limit on how many entities are running in the game. I support each creation whether added to the game or not.

Also try to submit legit creature. Thrown together entries are okay but I would prefer you put in some more effort into making some. (Scroll down and see @rcregers submission, Im still speechless. Dont have to be that long though.) Now, I wont rely on all of flowlab to come up with characters for my game. This just gives me a chance to get ideas while I work out bugs and the map.

Note: All participants will get credit for their creations that are put into the game.

NPCs: I recently figured NPCs is a great way to go to make the game feel more populated. Mainly human characters that you can talk too. If anyone has any quotes or NPC designs then that also counts as a creation. Although these spots are limited since the intro already has enough NPCs in it and the actually game wont have so much since most of the place is in mid evacuation.

I promise I will give all credit to all submissions that have made it into the game by the games finish. Thank you all for your support.

Are they supposed to be original? If so I’m in

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Well no, custom characters created by you. I dont want to be a follower and just copy all of the famous SCPs like 173 (Peanut), 106 (The old man), or 096 (The Shy Guy). I wanted everything to be original. If I wanted to use the original characters then I wouldnt have asked for help on them, cause I already know a lot about the famous ones from the original game. I dont mean to be rude, but I figured that I would want to go with new characters which would make the gameplay much different from the SCP game.

I meant I only make completely original creatures

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Oh then ok. I wont just rely on you to make all of the characters cause Ill add a few myself.

I can try to add a few in. And if I do then I will give you credit.


Your Welcome. If you had any names to the characters or like origin stories then do please tell.

this is what my dumb brain came up with
Scp Table
Is just a table that’ll attack you and can also create a black hole in the facility.scptablelol

That actually isnt a bad idea. Im not sure about the black hole part, but I can try to add it into the game.

@ManiacPumpkin. Krotox-X, A demon figure with the power to control people if they look through his eyes. And after they looked trough his eyes they begin to turn into a bloodthirsty black monster. over a few days, they will decay into dust, Backstory. Krotox-X was created by a Kwantum reactor Called Project-X-N-Reactor. that made a rip in space-time itself. after the reactor exploded Krotox-X Was born!

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Woah, I will try my best to find a spot for Krotox-X.

If anyone feels concern for the fact that I cant present my game yet since it is far from complete here are some imaged that I took to show some of the gameplay:

Well, it didnt work, Ill send some gameplay sometime later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Billy the computer is computer but all ai

Apple made him

Alright, so I’ve got a small idea for a creature/being/sentient anything.

It is a glass eye. In 1974, a man by the name of Howard Johnson made a custom glass eye for one of his customers. It was a vibrant green eye, but the customer also requested it to have hints of yellow and shades of grey, like his other eye. The customer’s name has never been uncovered. However, when presenting the eye to the customer, without hesitation the customer popped it info his socket. He sat there with it in for a moment, and Howard asked “is everything looking alright?”, the customer replied, “yes, I fixed it”. While still in confusion, the customer popped it out and placed it into the box it was originally inside.

Howard thought nothing too much of it other than the customer did not pay for it and it was custom made. He set it aside till it was time for bed. He awake the next day with a strange pain - something wasn’t right. He didn’t see the same way he did before. It was darker on one side of his vision than the other. He was to touch the side (the left eye, and the left eye only), only to realize the glass eye was placed into his skull. Out of terror he stood up only to step and squish his organic eye into the floor.

It didn’t stop there, however. It turns out the eye revealed to him beings, but not just regular beings - but the dead. Children, regular adults, elderly citizens. They hated being dead, so lonely. They couldn’t see each other, or Howard. But it wasn’t just regular citizens, but also murderers, the wrongly accused, the insane. They were alone for who knows how long, terrified, still swearing, and could not die l, at least, not anymore than they already have. These people were phantoms, zombies, mere figments of what they once were. Limbs slew off their bodies as they strode, bashing their heads into walls aimlessly, and crying like children.

Howard was the only one who could see this. He screamed. If you could set them side by side, he’d be identical to the dead. He screamed his way back to sleep, but his dreams grew worse. They could see him now. They all could. And they wanted his eye. They hated that he could see them, even if they naturally didn’t hate Howard. They hated the eye, and Howard had the eye.

They dragged his body through his dreams, to the point they reached a bon fire. There was already bodies there, perhaps other poor victims he had been near an evil eye effected by the strange customer. They bound Howard’s legs and hands, and shoved sticks up his nose, breaking it. The monsters ate off his toe and finger nails, and pulled out all of his hair. At this point, they threw his raw body into the fire, and watched. And smiled. They were happy.

The next morning, police investigated the scene, finding the custom eye makers shop burnt to a crisp. Strange to say, the fire started from Howard’s body.

Entity: The Customer.
Physical description: lanky, shadowy, described to be a walking shadow, like inky blood in water.
Known abilities: can effect certain prosthetics (ei. Glass eyes, arms, legs, lungs - for limbs and organs, they are known to bend in inhuman ways to suffocate the victim while sleeping, where lungs cease breathing and begin to bleed), nightmares, contact with the dead, dreamwandering.

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You must have some time to come up with. All I can say is that Im speechless. ITS SO GOOD! I literally have no choice, but to add this into the game. @rcreger these entities are literally amazing.

This kid know some stuff bro

Note not calling you a kid I just say that term a lot :slight_smile:

@GrimProductionZ i would prefer that you comment to only whats appropriate instead of just saying stuff to be saying it.

Thank you @ManiacPumpkin ! Glad you liked the pitch! I’d be happy to elaborate on more details if you so wish. Just contact me if you have any questions:)

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