Character Not Flipping Properly [SOLVED]

Ok, so basically I was being an idiot and had another line of code that kept on messing with the players rotation. Thanks for the help nevertheless"

Is it set to vertical if so uncheck it

Maybe try animations that go left and right instead of flipping. If you set everything up, it can be way less buggy than the toggle behavior. At least thats what I use in my games, (But most of my games are top-down so not much help)

This does seem more efficient in my opinion, but it varies. I just remembered that your character is multiple pieces so not entirely sure on how to add an animation to all of them simultaneously. At least I tried.

Thanks, I might try it!

The only thing I don’t understand is how many other creators don’t get this bug - is it something wrong with my game?

I’ve encountered this bug once before, but I just switched up how the flip behavior was set and it was fixed

also make sure it does not flip vertically

I turned off flip vertically and now when i turn left he turns upside down?

I don’t even understand whats happening now XD

Check lock flip axis

Nope, it didn’t work

Wait nvm I found out what was wrong

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