character randomly stops moving

So in my game, my character will randomly stop moving as if there’s a wall in front of them. If I walk back a few steps, then continue again, they’ll walk right past the area they used to be stuck in. Sometimes it works perfectly fine, but after reloading it a couple times, it’ll break again. I’ve tried changing the character’s collision shape, but it doesn’t seem to be helping…Anybody got any ideas on how to fix this?

My game:

I didn’t experience that at all @Dev1334 . I really don’t know what is the problem, especially since this is clicking something to move it.

Maybe check the collision shapenof the wall?

I get the same thing sometimes

That’s my games ( biggest problem, i found changing the density helps a bit but it doesn’t fix it.

@grazer really should look into this as it’s one of the most annoying bugs in Flowlab!

Are you referencing me or grazer? :slight_smile: