Character select for 2 people?

So im working on a game similar to super smash bros, but I want to be able to select different characters, but for 2 players. Just how it would be in the real ssb game. Please help me, I would greatly appreaciate it, ( also if you can, send a game link to where there is an example of the character select)

Do it like you would for 1 player, then copy the behaviors to player 2.
Also could you include a link to your game.

but how would i do it for 1 person xd sorry im new to this

and sure I could post a link, but I dont think it would help, because I just started it and there literally nothing there
but anyways heres the link

@JR 01

Oh, so you haven’t started on select screen or made a few character.
When you start on that, then I can help you. For now, I would assign characters to the number keys.

Delete the characters (if they’re in the game) when you press the button and spawn to what number you attached it to. Better to spawn from a separate (outside the game) object.

Maybe use expression? Like say player one is A and player two is B. (you might need a low amount of characters). Lets say A (player one) chooses Lunk. Lunk’s number is 1. that goes into A (for expression). then B (player two) chooses Doggo. Doggo’s number is 2. that goes into B (for expression). Have one of em go into eval. Then, have filters at the end. (one + two = three) and have that do stuff. OR you could use save instead of filters. this end part might not work