Character won't stop moving, even when move key is no longer being pressed

I’m trying to make a fighting game and I set it to have my characters move, one with WASD and other with arrow keys (it’s a 2 player, 1 keyboard game). For some reason, even after letting go of WASD/Arrows, the character will continue moving, despite me not having WASD/Arrows as “repeating” in the settings for the “key input” block. Has anyone encountered this before/know how to fix it?

My game is here:

Hey @addison997 ! I havent looked at your game yet but I would reccommend doing this:
Make a velocity=0 that is connected to each move key on the trigger “up”. Remember that of a move key os pressed, it WILL override the 0. Good luck!

@meburningslime Worked perfectly! Thank you.

Your welcome! Let me know if you need any more help.