charge up

I want my character to have a charge up fire ball thing like mega man but i dont know how…

Easy. Make 3 animations for your shot, small, med, large.
Have your shoot button (ex. spacebar) do this.

Button space — (+) number — Filter
You will have 3 filters, 1 for each animation.

Filter equal to 33 — animation small loop
Filter equal to 66 — animation med loop — stop small
Filter equal to 99 — animation large loop — stop med

Then you want a filter for “Greater than 99” — number 99 — set button space number

Then you want “Button space (up)” — number 0 — set button space number

Then you have the whole emit stuff, and each animation equals different damage and what not.
Anyway, that’s the gist of how to make a charge energy ball.

thanks! I edited it a little and removed the second fireball. its the third level i think(A is shoot)

I guess you run out of shots after a while.