Chat! Message other people!

Here is a new version, but please be respectfull!


wow thats good but no one else is on it so idk actually if it works

Hmm, I seen your message, thanks! If there is any recommendations, please tell me!

This is actually pretty cool, if there’s a way, you should get a way to private message people

The new Discord…? Flowcord? Flowchat? Flowagram? Flowbook? FlowMessager? Labchat?

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there’s a problem on mobile you can’t chat

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Yeah I don’t think grazer has added mobile support for key press, maybe I’m wrong, I never use mobile.


Yorkie2323, I would like to make a private messaging too… I was thinking of adding it where you have a name, and it adds it to a text list, and saves it to cloud, and then it looks through that list to see if they are there? And also, @Yorkie2323, if you want you can help.

I have to decline, working on a big project right now.

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