Cheat Code Example

The cheat code example is a simple (kind of) thing. The code is 47231. If you miss 1 number then the code will reset.

how do you do that???

It actually doesn’t work… I have to fix it. I know how but I will do it later.

It is fixed. You can easily figure out the numbers but you have to figure out the correct order, otherwise it won’t work.

I love it. Much better than my Sonic Advance 3 style one. Hitting buttons in order or using images is better for iOS though. Maybe make a keypad for a challange.

I am trying to make it so once 5 numbers are entered it will tell you if you get it right or wrong.

Idk how you did yours, but mine would be much more odd for a password lock.
I could have 7 working passwords on 1 screen, a 4 digit code.

We need an else trigger :confused:

Or a trigger that goes off after a certain amount of buttons are pressed.

I actually just made a working method, but unfortunately, there is a bug. @grazer , it turns out that Always doesn’t flow through a line of toggle switches. The logic is sound, but the current stops after a toggle loop.

The code is 1 2 3
What’s supposed to happen is that the toggles toggle for every button pressed, but after the current gets to the timer, if you didn’t hit the right buttons in order, the last toggle doesn’t trigger, so it says “Wrong” instead of “Correct!!”.