Checking block for games

we need a block that checks if the same imput was used in the same game it was used in, say i type my name
and someone else cant type that name

It’s really best if you don’t keep pinging grazer like this.

This can already be done fairly easily. If you know a little bit about lists this is incredibly quick to do.

Assuming you don’t mean all players across multiple devices, then all you need to do is this (same thing can technically be done with the Cloud behavior, with a slight bit more complexity)

Type a name, when you’re done, check if it’s in the list, if not, add it to that list and let the input go through.

If the item is found in the list, don’t allow it to go past.

It’s a super simple check that feels like a waste to have a new behavior for.


The only reason you’d use Cloud is if the game is multiplayer, which I would strongly suggest you don’t do. Flowlab multiplayer is just really bad and buggy, so until it gets an update only a very skilled coder in that field can make something of decent quality. There are ways, to do things, but it’s just overall inconsistent.

Maybe if multiplayer was improved this could get some use, but main priority is multiplayer itself. And multiplayer is only between a couple of players, so a naming system seems kind of pointless anyways.


no im making a bank account game so if i know my password i can log on from any computer

Just use the save block, then you can log into your account from any computer.

Doing what you are saying I believe is impossibe.


to make an account for every one and save and log in from any computer :face_with_monocle:

ok ill try but im a lil bad at saves, lists, user data :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

If you just use the save block, it will save you whichever account you are in. then you can log into your account from any computer, and it will get your save data.

get it…

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That’s actually not correct

Save data is stored on that computer alone, if you opened your account on another computer you would have none of that save data.

So if you clear your cookies you could also delete your save data, because it’s saved on that device along.


Also different links have save files like /play, /edit, /view, and even ?debug=true


If you [hifive] or anyone needs an example, I got one. The one and only time I used the Save behavior was in The GAME 420, and only because I used JR01’s Shop Example. The shop example uses coins to buy skins, which in my game are collected as usual in the levels. With those coins, you can buy 3 different skins. I bought all 3 for testing and also for fun. JR01 also included a “clear data” button, which is present in my game as well. I clicked the clear data button, and to my stupid surprise, my saves were emptied and all my coins and skins were gone.

Before I cleared the data, I opened the game on another computer and the coins weren’t there. If you have multiple browsers on the same computer (like me with Microsoft Edge and Chrome), the data won’t be shared between them either.

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