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I don’t have a dress

Funny how this came from Minecraft, to childhood channels, to FGTEEV lol.

no heaven >:(

But I have a suit.

I said dress >:(

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But I’m not a woman.

fly high! shut up!

btw the dress and the shut up one’s are both from parrapa

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"sorry Crocs i’ll have to leave you hungry for the night because dad has been saved by… KID-DYNO-MIGHT

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I couldn’t tell if it was a new texture or old texture, lol. I haven’t played Minecraft in a hot minute, but I’m so used to playing 1.8.8.


Are you home if so would you like to play Minecraft

I need to finish HW and chores, I’m so sorry! I’ll try to do it quick.

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Tell me when your done

It may take a very long time though… I take VERY long folding my laundry…

Such a memories, but Idk how to play it on my chrome laptop again.

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*1.5 our Eagercraft 1.8 doesn’t have singleplayer unlocked for some reason. Otherwise I would play it more.

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hey guys. I’m thinking about making an Among Us game. I was hoping one of you could help so we could make it similar to the actual game

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Boy, I love Among Us. Sadly, I’m currently working a few projects, so I’m not currently available.

Maybe advertise this on the OTC.

what’s the OTC?