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I’m looking to make a new and popular game that will be really liked! Let me know if you have any idea’s please!

What do you mean by that?

I was thinking about making a obby kinda game and the theme would be “Extermination day”. you would play as my character Vito and run through H e l l dodging Angels and helping friends that have fallen. Im going to need help with all of the coding and I know that your really good at that, Truce2017. Let me know if you like this idea

I changed my mind on the obby thing. I’m thinking about doing a survival instead

Good choice, lots of people like obbys

Oh how will the camera be oriented? top-down or side-on or maybe even isometric or it could even be fabricated 3D.

i was thinking about making it 2D but 3D games are really fun

ok I just wanted you to know that making 3d games is really hard and this engine is mostly for 2d projects but you can do it and when you do you should make it during the next game jam also you will feel very happy if its a success.

yeah, I like the idea of making my game 2D instead. I also thought of the name, “Extermination day (Hazbin hotel)”. the character you will play as is a character I made.

can I see your game?

I haven’t even started making it yet :sob:

oh well would you like me to help you?

Also since you will still be doing 2d which one are you doing because for me I’m best with a side on view because its the only one I have experience with.

Also if you are planning to have more than 50 objects in your game or the ability to polish/monetize your game or make it so I can properly help you then get indie.

I’m sure my game will probably take more than 50 objects. I asked my mom if she would get it for me but she said no. its nice that you offer for me!

side view is easier for me to do

well yeah, most of the characters are gay

oh I’ve never watched that show?

Why did you even this post after the show? If you needed help with your game then you should have typed “Please help me find a game idea”.

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What show?