Chunk Load, Spawn Multiple Objects at Once

I was thinking on the Idea of using a random generated map concept which I had attempted before in the past. With more complicated games, you have to use a Spawn behavior for every wall, floor tile, etc, not to mention any decorations, enemies, or other objects to be generated in a room.

Since the game editor allows you to copy large quantities of objects and paste them, I was thinking, what if you could select a map section or premade room and save it as a possible spawned object. So instead of spawning a single object, it could output a saved area. This feature would be able to work during the game, so not just for the game editor.

There could be a variety of ways this could work. You could have an option so it could scan or take a square area in the game, copy it, and paste it elsewhere. So, you could already have the room segments premade, and the behavior just scans it between two sets of coordinates and spawns it at a third corner, which could define the center of the room, or one of the corners.
I know Minecraft commands had done this for map makers, they would create existing sections in the server, and the command would just copy it and paste it over top of an area. So, this works for maps or levels where they can be destroyed, then it can be regenerated.

A lot of Random generated games using data or map sections and just paste them about the map.

It’s possible to do this already, since I have done it before, but you need like hundreds of spawn behaviors for every single object, plus you have made variations so you can have vertical hallways, horizontal, corners, etc.

I just feel this would be much easier for those who want to experiment with random generation, but don’t have the patience to create a bundle of hundreds of spawn behaviors. I also think it may help with performance as well, since you don’t have to load up several spawn behaviors, but just a single one.

I know not many people work with random generation, but this was an idea I had thought of, and it would definitely make it so much easier.

Would you think this would be helpful?

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So like a behavior that spawns prefabricated structures (prefabs) made out multiple objects from the map/game? That reminds me Halo 5 Forge. I think this would be very useful.


I’m not reading all that. But it sounds cool.

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Then there’s no point in commenting since it’s not contributing anything.


Chunk loading would be useful for things such as making Minecraft like generation.


It might be helpful to also have a game layer selector inside fo the behavior.

Yeah. When you’re able to group objects and then paste the whole group.


And maybe even have a personal (mini) library of said groups, which can be spawned by the behavior and selected as an option, much like the names in the Global behavior.