Chuntian de youxi Demo (Pixel_Name1)

use collins translate instead

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Nah pull out an oujla board and ask confucius instead

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Currently working on a boss for the game just working on animations right now.


Firstly, I really like the art direction, and the mechanics are really executed for a puzzle game. I see a lot of potential! Here’s a few notes from when a played a little bit of it (first level only):

  • The enemy animation (I think it’s a snail), the jittery animation makes it pretty difficult to predict where exactly it is going. I suggest that the sprite moves less on the X plane. I like the movement, and think it conveys the animation decent, but maybe something a little slower.
  • The biggest issue I found was the jump x-velocity when platforming or trying to pick up the spring object. You slide through the air very easily. What I suggest is to either stop x-velocity if the movement keys (A and D) are not pressed, or to reduce the in air movement speed. The latter would be more difficult, but either one I think would make the platforming feel better.
  • Finally, a small issue, is that I’m not sure why the UI over the spring tells you to press S when jumping on it, especially if you can just pick it up if you jump on it. Maybe I am missing something. This last one is more of a question, and if I am missing something, this could be a sign to have a little more information for the player on the S button press.

Overall, very cool concept and really like the art and animation, and the gameplay has a ton of potential. Looks fun, if you have any question, just let me know!



That’s not what it’s supposed to be telling you it’s trying to tell you that you can pick it up. Sorry for that, I’ll try and find a better way to show that.


You’re good! I think having the player jump on it so they pick it up, and then showing the S prompt to let them know they can place it might be a decent way to go about it:D

Good luck!


Menu is added :smiley:
It should be up and working so check it out.
(Note Speedrun does not work yet it will just start the game)


Made this with entirely out of labels and numbers so I’m pretty proud of it (: