Clean Up Feature?

I’ve started working with a team and then suddenly realized that no one can read by crazy spiderweb looking code, I just subconsciously code like this and nobody can read it but me so I was wondering.

Maybe in the behavior menu you can right click, then you select “Clean Up” and then all connected blocks would appear neatly?


That would probably be a pain to program in lol


This sounds like it would work, but it would be a pain for developing code, because it will sort your code in it’s own way, not the way the developer sorts.

I can edit even my spaghetti code because I know where what parts of the code are, but with this it would undo your memory and make you have to get used to it.

It’s not a bad idea, though.


It would probably be fine for smaller messes, but once you’ve got lots of code running rearranging it means now you have to comb through the entire thing to find one wrong switch.


It’s best to just practice good habits. I code neatly, but other people have different versions of how clean it is, and what the engine does may not be what you want.

There’s also possible frame order issues that can be caused by this. But aside from that, even if it’s just fixed most backwards wires and overlapping, it would at least help a lot of new users. And some old users (looking at you Agent Y).

After I finished the updated guide about Lists I’ll make one about how I order my code and make it look cleaner.


I have made so messy code (in one of my older games) that I had to delete the game entirely. OL.

Now, I keep stuff in bundles or in sections of the behavior place (Whatever it’s called).