Click and Drag Camera System

After a couple hours I finally figured out how to make a click and drag camera so you can play a world in the third person and be able to view the world without a character.

I’m sure many of you have already made this or have made it before, which wouldn’t be surprising. But here is my version of it.

I was planning on making a tycoon type game and now I have a proper camera system to use for it. Not for sure how long this game will be an example for, but feel free to use it for the time being.

This also works for mobile too.


Nice Maniac Pumpkin this could be used for a rpg game, or one of those strategy games!


@grazer if I polish up the code and art a bit, would it make the examples page?

Knowing full responsibility that I can’t edit it or use it as testing other than updates afterwards.

Unless someone already made a better version.