Click Here if you wanna help test the game with me!

(You need a computer for this game to work) I will need help to test varios things, Currently I need someone to play with me so I can see if i fixed the multiplayer bugs-

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I can test! Play the game with me!! Also, can you add more stuff to the map? It’s kind of hard to see where I am most of the time.

Yes, get back on, I made it less laggy.

try again please and thank you.

I’m playing now.

Lol the turrets killed you while you loaded

ok reload the game friend

Can you make the start button more clickable?

I will try later Friend.


When you come to the game, follow my ship and click on the testing room

Wanna see what happens when I “Close” The server?


Btw you might die when it does.

LETS DO THIS! Prepare to run/fight/die