Clockwork in the making.. BIG LEAK :gasp:

Ok, so as many of you know for the past few months i have been working on a classic shooter game with modern aspects named Clockwork. This game has been a huge sucess so far and i am going to export it 100% and am considering relesing it onto steam. I was wondering if you guys would also like a leak? :slight_smile:

  • art leak
  • level leak
  • sprite leak
  • sound leak
  • other leak

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I’m doing a random vote because I’ve already seen everything lol

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you havent seen the art + sprite leak tho if one of those gets voted

Other Leak: Name of the Game?

Clockwork lol it says in the title and desc

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Yeh, I can just go into the game and see it-

unless you mean not uploaded into game yet art.

Wow, I’m that stupid…

Didn’t even see that lol

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eheheeh should i just do the leak anyway? its taking too long lmao

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imma do it ok so heres a leak… A MAJOR LEAK BTW

pixil-frame-0 - 2021-04-23T205831.984 it blurred if u dont wanna c

Also it not entirely done yet :slight_smile:


mmmmk ;p;

music leak

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I have no idea what this game is about. So why should I say you should release it to steam?

old firefox logo

(looks cool tho, keep up the good work)

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oh heheh lol i didnt notice

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From what I recall my fire fox still looks like this.

well the ‘leak’ wasnt based on that so its cool no copyright issues or anything


I though the logo looked really cool and well designs. I would have never guessed it looked like the fire fox logo until someone pointed it out.
Edit: Talking about beanies_bug’s logo


You did not know this was the Firefox logo? Well I use it for a living cause It one of the best browsers out there.