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I already made the three players (theres going to be three players)

The beheaded:


The homunculus:


uuuh question, will the game be a rougelike or will it just be a generic flowlab platformer with a side of copyright infringement?

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I’m planning on making it like dead cells but not random generated bc thats waaaaay out of my level

Definitely no

Progress on the first level: Level 1 - YouTube

uhm, i’d recommend you keep the pixel size consistent

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Noted on maybe do list

@paisleypug please do not pick both. Do you want to be pinged yes or no?

Do you want to be pinged for updates?
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  • No

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I made it so that you can only choose once >:)

Just finished the tutorial knight
Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 10.02.18 PM
Tell me if you wanna see her in action (dialogue)


@paisleypug @John_Shrekinson @eee_team

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I would like to see her in action

Its not an official remaster stop calling it that

i didn’t say i wanted to be pinged

bruh mixels :nauseated_face:

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Aight: Tutorial - YouTube

I made the enemy. I just need to make co-op compatibility with it:

I’m not very good at art unfortunately

I built his ai he can now, attack, walk, let me show you: - YouTube

I made it so that the beheaded’s dodge actually does something