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Which level is that in?

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OK its been 15 days anyways the warrior is the person names “noob”


Oh yeah the fight works is that you have to jump on top of him to get on top of the pillars to touch the next level block


If you’re still doing this, could you review my anniversary remaster?

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I was planning on BRINGING this back but I got lazy but yes im still doing I will review your game and do stuff, tomorrow tho.

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Understandable, have a great day.

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Ok So yes i’m bored but at leat another review topic is back!

I’ll show my review to @John_Shrekinson tomorrow


In my effort to recieve a lot of feedback for my game, would you be willing to review this one?


@John_Shrekinson’s game: Taile Gamougg Anniversary

Art: It’s actually a bit better for some reason, way more detailed. 9/10

Story: It sort of makes sense, but not really 5/10

Music: Noice Music. E p i c 10/10

Difficulty: Gained up a bit of difficulty. 6/10

Mechanics: Screen shaking when fighting “Being” Cool and Creative but, not really anything else I know of other than the costumes. 8/10

Score: 38/50
This one is definitely better the original one was 17/50 so cool.

(Yours is next @Recryptech!)


Thank you for the review! I guess I really have improved more than just the graphics with the Anniversary remasters.


@Recryptech 's game: Shattering Steel
Art: It is amazing, and those robots are so cute and everything 10/10

Story: I didn’t get it at first but I don’t think there is a story. besides being a robot thing that idk fights? 8/10

Music: Amazing. 10/10

Difficulty: It starts off hard and drifts it way to easy which is probably based on skill. 9/10

Mechanics: That shop looks like a vending machine. must be a vending machine. 10/10

Score: 47/50
You were so close to beating Todorrobot!


Hi, could ye do the funky and review my game

The game is not finished of course. Story and music will certainly be added, as with a cooler way of defeating bosses. But for now, best of luck and dodging skill!


Sure! Tmrw though, only because, I am going sleep soon


When you get the chance can you review this (I’m in no rush, take as long as you need)

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hello, hi, may u review this?

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@spencertheball 's game: Danmaku Flow
Art: Simple. Probably because art is not the main thing about the game. 5/10

Story: No story shown, makes sense. I guess. 0/10

Music: I don’t think I hear any. 0/10

Difficulty: Hard and Easy! Based on how good you are on bullet hell games. 10/10

Mechanics: Basic but maybe add WASD movement because I’m used to those controls. 8/10

Score: 23/50
It’s fine, the game is cool. Bullet Hell games are amazing.


Alright! Thank you for the review in such a short time! Now I’ll have a reply for every category.

Art: Yeah, I’m not much of an artist. Also, most things are simpler now but will be made to look way better after I finish most of the rest of the game. Mechanics and gameplay come first!

Story: Not yet, but there will be! Cutscenes with dialogue are planned to exist if I can find the time. If not, you’ll at least get some handy exposition.

Music: The struggles of a free account T-T. Music will be added, preferably I’ll be able to find a way to find a way to get .mp4 links that work permanently. (those links dont take up flowlab server space like uploading files, do they?)

Difficulty: Oh boy it wil get way harder. I’m a huge fan of super difficult bullet hell games. There will be an easy mode (probably just a huge health increase) for players that arent so good at these games, but anyone playing easy mode should probably expect to be poked fun at once or twice (it’s all fun and games though)

EDIT: Difficulty will be a little limited in terms of pure bullet amounts because I have to limit lag for people on worse computers and so I don’t explode grazer’s servers

Mechanics: I was planning a new way to beat bosses where instead of simply reflecting stuff at them you either stunned them or waited for an opening and sent some kinda thing into a unique second stage to defeat the boss.

Score: Wow, didn’t expect to place above 15. Guess I hit the mark on this one!