Coalescence Devlog

Hi, I’m making a new game, it’s called Coalescence, it’s a story-focused top-down shooter heavily inspired by Ultrakill, Marigold, TSOA 2 and Quake.

I’ll try to post updates every day, I’m putting Pilot(null) 2 on the shelf for now.
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Devlog 1

Basic Enemies!

Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp
They’re inspired by the Filth and Husk enemies from Ultrakill.

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oooh looks cool so far! I like the art style!


The background is trippy, and I know this is a new game, but maybe soften the corners


Love the dashing, and the background.

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I’d love to soften the corners, one problem: all the floor is on the background layer, which means I can’t use raycast to tell which objects are corners

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Shouldn’t take too long to fix.

In Beyond the Glass most background objects are in the game layer because they all have code in them lol. Also we could sort them easier that way. We used a lot of display layering though.


Eh, I mean I could also probably just make new objects for the corners

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would get a bit annoying though

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@paisleypug what pallete do you use? or do you not use a pallete?

I use the pico 32 palette, why are you asking?

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oh i just like the colors might use it for a game


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lol my post with 11 likes is well, um interesting

this is my post with 11 likes:

yeah i saw it, pretty funni.

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:0 you didnt heart it!?!?!?!?!?!? (jk)

Devlog 2

Blood Healing!

Today i worked on a mechanic that’s a mix between the blood healing in Marigold and the soul mechanic in Hollow Knight, the main inspiration for having you heal with blood is Ultrakill. Sadly I couldn’t get a gif of this due to my computer deciding to be really laggy, here’s some art instead.

I’ve decided that I’ll release the game in chapters, each chapter will have 4 main levels. Also, here’s a poll about the weapon system.

How should weapons work?
  • Have weapons have a limited amount of ammo and destroy themselves after running out of it.
  • Have weapons have unlimited ammo.
  • Have the player have an inventory of every weapon they pick up and have the weapons have a limited amount of ammo and destroy themselves after running out of it.

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Boy that’s a load of pings.
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More pings, people seem really interested in this game lol


no wonder bro it already looks great :+1::+1: