Code comments

So if you have used UE4 then you will know what i am talking about.
In Unreal Engine 4 you are able to make a comment on a group of coding (if you are using the drag and drop code) this makes it easy for you and anyone who is working on your game to easily know what everything does. I tried to explain this but i am awful at explaining stuff so you can just search up “UE4 comment” and you will see what i mean.
This would be a very useful feature, especially if you have a lot of coding in an object like my walk animation coding.

I just googled it. I think you’re talking about this.

In fact, you can already group behaviors with behavior bundles and give the bundle a name. Sadly you can’t really give a description though. I suggested a note behavior a while ago but it has been forgotten completely.

That might also work as well. Though with the comment, you can comment a group of code by just highlighting it the selection> Click 'Comment"> then the comment would be created for the code and you can name it however you want.

Hey @Latif3 - the note suggestion hasn’t been forgotten, I just haven’t figured out the best way to implement it yet. I need to figure out how to make it easy to add to any block, but also easy to hide when not needed (but still obvious that a note is available), and easy to delete, and do all of this without cluttering up the interface.

Couldn’t you just make multiple color sticky notes instead of trying to add it to every behavior? Then you can just place the sticky notes wherever you want next to whatever wires you want next to whatever behaviors you want, or anywhere that you want to remember to do something later on.

Yeah, I’ve considered that as well, but then they won’t move around as you drag blocks. Maybe that’s not a deal breaker, but there’s still the issue that they probably shouldn’t be expanded all the time. I’m thinking that they should be able to be either hidden/faded away/collapsed so that they aren’t always in view

One thing I hadn’t considered before is maybe just a global show/hide comments toggle switch. That’s one way to handle it without adding a bunch of UI clutter.

Well if you do make a sticky notes behavior, you could have it just be a small square, and expand when clicked, then go back to a small square when clicked outside of it. It could be about half the size of the Always behavior and have a name tag so you know what note is what.