Code keeps changing back

I’m trying to edit my game but even when I’m not interacting with the object in question, the code seems to keep rolling back to a previous state

Did you edit the game, but log in to a different account on a different page while still editing a game?

If the saves are not happening, you should either get a flashing orange warning in the toolbar (and alert sound) if you aren’t logged in, or you should get an error popup if there is a network save problem.

Are either of these happening?

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Neither of those things happened. I was editing the sprite of one object then the code just rolled back on another object. The sprite still saved like normal.

Do you recall if you used the undo history at all while editing the sprite? I have gotten some reports where it seemed as though using “undo” in the editor actually triggered an undo in the behaviors instead, but I have not been able to reproduce that myself.

Yes I did use the undo while editing my sprite

Ok, that sounds like it may be related assuming that you did the following:

  1. Edited your logic
  2. Editor your sprite
  3. Used undo in the sprite editor
  4. Went back to the logic editor and saw that your last changes are missing

in that order?

Yes. That’s what I did in that exact order but with an added play of my game to see how it looked in between 3 and 4

Ok, this sounds like the same issue then :frowning:

I’ll try again to see if I can reproduce it or find the root cause. Please let me know if you notice a way to make to make it happen reliably.

Even though I can’t reproduce this, I have made some changes that should eliminate the possibility of the history keys from overlapping. This change will be in the next release - thanks for reporting it.